Monday, December 19, 2011

Candillac Necklace

hemmeds proudly presents

    Go grab something and relax.
                               Voyons Candillac !

It's Necklace!
made from unique wick combined with winding yarn in ethnic's color, 
united by the brown rope from cotton cloth. 

Candillac is the best way wear with :


Dont worry! its still has a lot of style for you to use.
Check Candillac in gogirlstore for details! ENJOY!
Sunday, December 18, 2011

Clock'o dille

hemmeds proudly presents

It's bracelet!

Inspired by ODM watch and super tremendous crocodile! sounds insane, you say?


Becomes Clockodille !!

Nothing compares, no worry or cares. It's all just my minds. click clockodille above for further information.
Saturday, December 17, 2011

Route 89,6

hemmeds proudly presents 

Yap! hehe . huuuuufh. (()) hehe

with the grace and compassion, Dec 17th is niiiiceeeee.. hehe
clark! Thanks with the average 89,6 thaaaaanksssss......

And because my result isn't so worse and worst, SO I decided to make something niceeee.. Have a problem with the word of "nice"? I hope do so.
Ok, I dont wanna chattering all the time,

Willing to make err  I still dont know the name , a definite it is a necklace !!

Do you  really really really  want to know?

Keep it.
Or break it.
Friday, December 16, 2011

In dumb we trust !

hemmeds proudly presents

                         does it wrong becoming dummies ?

                                        -we'll see tomorrow
                                                 Dec 17th 2011
                                          IM OVER !
Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hemmeds not die, we're just vacuum !

hemmeds proudly presents  The Life before Life
As the way I see it, me; not girl not woman yet. I'm still dedicated to the educational life and its life was awesome, for somebody , not me. I'm thunderstruck with the optional A B C D E in my papers and I felt like OH MY NO I SCREWED !! it doesn't mean I cant but my "neat" involved dangerously here. Ya u rite, I'm a kinda sloppy person. SLOPPY JOPPY. ouwuhuh someday I'll make something with the name of it lol.

(it's not chattering in the Sunday morning, dont judge me!)

All I want now,
I just want to say,
Hereby I declare,
By the name of HMDS and I,

ya! We're on our happy holiday with the abundant of duties and plenty of papers. Again and again.
SO sorry, too much sorry, for my seekers and lovers. Haha I'm not serious guys. for who thinks "Is this shop out of date?" "Or it had a downsize?" "Whether the papers supply has run out?" NO NO NO!
especially for the last one, it's mayor impossible. absolutely out of topic.

In brief, Although my dad never concerned about my art dreams, he just want I'll be a doctor. I dont know. I never know what will future brings for me. All I know Allah and the guardian angles brought me to the right place, the right family, the right circumstances, I just GLAD :)

and hopefully Hemmeds will always create handmade things.  

Hey! hey! hey! talking about dad I remembered EB! EB is Easter Bunny in HOP,
have you seen the movie? the movie is nice, and here is the footage:

EB is a rabbit that should be an Easter bunny but he denied it. He wants to follow his dream becomes the drummer. But his dad doesn't allow him. HIGH-FIVE EB!

At least this is the scenario:

His dad : EB, why dont you practice for the rehearsal?
EB        : Ehmm.. Dad, about it.. --- Dad, maybe you want me to be this (an egg), but maybe I'm this!
His dad : A sock?
EB        : Yeah! a magical sock!
            Maybe I'm not a perfect Easter bunny, but maybe I'm the best sock ever!
His dad : (whtvr)
Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Neverending matters

hemmeds proudly presents

A couple week fully of grief at all

why? why ask why better yet why not.
you areeeeeeeee  hah! neverending matters.
I Hate Copycat, Ive told you before, huh? ive told you ya! in front of your head, your face hoah what the really darn hell is going on??
'Traitor' . Is there any notorious nicks for you? Should I call you what? anything else? anything? DAMN!
cant control my bad temper *sigh
why? but my question is why its happen again?
dont you feel enough?
I Hate magical things! I hate your empower of act!
hoafh. Gru, I cant imagine what it could be, it could be an understruck project. Aye, ai it doesnt mean a sense. nonsense. wish youwere me! what I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT ANOTHER WORD,

no hope

bener-bener gatau mau berkata apa dan berbuat apa. hopeless. this world is getting feg and fug everyday. but, do you know something? ive tried to make me always smile everytime although this condition has made me grunch everyday.

yeah, lets adjourn!
Sunday, October 2, 2011

Faber-castell, IKJ, and I

hemmeds proudly presents
Guys, wanna share something with you.
That was an ingorgeous night. 
I was cry myself to sleep. 
Thinking why does this happened to me? Why does every moment have to be so hard?
But its not over last night, of course.
I woke up very early this morning and got ready to face my Sunday with the happiness.
Its all about Faber-castell, IKJ, and I.
I joined the Illustration Competition which held by Faber-castell; I wonder if you don't know it hellooo even that brand in its 250years anniversary now! wow! Gee, I mean it held in IKJ; The amazing art campus in Jakarta. And, what about "I" ? Haha, I assure you know who's the subject here, right? 
OK, here's my innocent illustration :
Jakarta 2025
simple. no color. worst.
I made it concept for 3 days while I must make it real in 3 hours!!
Really emm seems like the asal-asalan drawing ever.

 (To be continued)
Feels sleepy and tomorrow is monday whoa.
Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Puppet petties

hemmeds proudly presents *curcol

" Kadang yang gue pikirkan ga sebagus yang gue bayangkan.Lo! Lo muna! I used to be your partner. I knowyou ma pren. All of your lackness and your biggest part. But, hoaxxx.. Remember when we first met, first said. you do betrayal. See, I'll show you! There's nothing SAEC anymore! anonymous! anymaniminimone! Do not ever make me to help you, again. You're popular. You dont need me, Puppet petties "

for the Graciela's best friend : C  A  D 
Sunday, September 11, 2011

Speaky Party Time - ring !

hemmeds proudly presents Speaky Party Time - ring for Sarah in Bintaro.
I made this theme, because she ordered "Cupcake-ring" , "Gift-ring" , and "Red ribbon-double ring" . Feels like in party time, right? ~()~
Hokkydokky speaky nopety this is a party set ;

Party set

Red ribbon - double ring

Gift - ring

Cupcake - ring

I love most : Gift-ring
The hardest : Cupcake-ring
The longest made : Red ribbon-double ring

Hope soon you like it! :)

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Cupcake & Gift - ring (concept) for Sarah

hemmeds proudly presents  Cupcake ring concept

model : swirl cupcake
color : red/yellow/brown
location ring : beneath
ring color : silver/gold 

model : original cupcake
color : red/white/yellow/blue/brown
location ring : beneath
ring color : silver/gold

model : swirl cupcake
color : red/yellow/brown
location ring : backside
ring color : silver/gold

model : original cupcake
color : red/white/yellow/blue/brown
location ring : backside
ring color : silver/gold
 Gift ring concept 

model : kube gift
color : metalic purple/tosca(in real)
location ring : backside/beneath
ring color : silver/gold

Friday, July 29, 2011


hemmeds proudly presents  


I'm a finalist of roxy design competition 2011.
I was found the information bout it in the Diana rikasari's blog;she was great fyi.
Here's the result:
zura ; means blue

escombra ; means magic brooms

free flush ; means energic dance

criss cross ; means happy tale
and also I sent my design for quiksilver competition,although I didn't expect too much on this one :


The last day I saw all the finalists design and I found that
I was nothing.
My design was nothing.
Particularly inside full of sadness.

see? Im the worse perhaps

Im not a kind of pessimistic person. and also not an ambitious. To be freak, yes Im a newbie but Im still proud of my stuff. Keep going, girl!

There're so many ways to get a needle in haystack

Monday, June 20, 2011

Hemmeds @ Patra Jasa

hemmeds proudly presents 

 "Meet & Get Closer with Us in Patra Jasa Bazaar
@ Patra Jasa Office Jl. Gatot Subroto Kav 32-34 Jakarta, Yudhistira room 1st floor
July 5-7 2011 "

More products, More offers, and many more..
PS! There'll be my first launching of Hemmeds' second season "ethnic&sweammer" too..
Be there!

Owl Lace Necklace

hemmeds proudly presents Owl Lace Necklace for my friend, Sekar

you know, its really hard to make ; even I need to revamp it twice

in spite I love the result and she gave me the worth price :)
Monday, June 13, 2011

(wrong) underestimate

hemmeds proudly presents the story-you may judge by yourself-

 (when she saw my Twister tie ring)
A: hmm ya you're really creative but wakakak what the 'lucu aja' the ring it is!
B: It's Twister Tie Ring. Made by self.
A: (with the unappreciated face) ooh, hmm..
B: -,-

a week later.. (when she saw my Ethnicial lego ring)
A: Oh my good! What the funny-unique-ring it is! I'd never seen it before! Where'd you buy it?
B: It's hemmeds. Not for sale!
A: (with the eager face) oohh, huuuuummm......
B: ~(*v*)~

Ethnicial lego ring
Go Hemmeds Go !
Saturday, June 11, 2011

Secret (next) Project

hemmeds proudly presents Secret (next) Project. It could be Dress, T-shirt, Sweater, Outwear, Tote bag, Simple shoes, and many more..

  Don't miss it!

Cover up

hemmeds proudly presents Hemmeds' graphy (?) I'm not too much freak with photography. It's really inconvenient when you have to bring your camera everywhere, right? I wish my eyes could take a picture immediately when I see the awesome things. Hope Hemmeds will create it someday, :)
These are unpredicted ones (some look usual, but for me it's not plain) ;
little girl-foot step

Was willing to capture the sunlight, instead of this

I also love The Bubbles! really love it. They could be anything; like human's feeling. yeah..

you can see me?
electrical bubbles

and this one, I took it last new year on the top of my roof


ps! talking about fireworks, I remembering katy perry's song. It lyric so impressed me. You right,pal. sometimes we need to explore our selves without fear of being ridiculed. it is our right. leave the other people say. remember this legendary words 'Be your self' , although it's really platitude but it's still keep his dignity. Trust me! ;0

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Maxi Ring & Bracelet

hemmeds proudly presents ' Maxi Micky-red Ring' & 'Maxi Blue-Ethnic Bracelet' for Kharees in Matraman
Blue-Ethnic Bracelet
Can you see how many cm left under my wrist?

its diameter maybe 8cm

Micky-Red Ring
Even up to my 2 fingers!

Its diameter maybe 4cm

Seriously! Its really big,big,big size ;for me
it also means that hemmeds can creates various sizes which is fit for you, and as you want
Up to you Guys!
Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Ethnic Bracelet

hemmeds proudly presents 'Blue & Green Ethnic Bracelets' for Dea in Gunung Putri
Blue & Green Ethnic Braceletss
Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Double ring Fixie & Mustache

hemmeds proudly presents Double Twister Tie Ring 'Fixie-in black' & 'Mustache-original' for our customer: Ashfira in Bintaro



Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Alejandro! New Template!

Gig! I've found the simplier, nicer, and brighter template than my birdie template in y*y*l*ll*.com
ENJOY! ~(o.o)~ \(^o^)/ ~(o.o)~ 
Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Hemmeds in Gogirl Store

Check our collection in !

or you can find hemmeds in search store.
Right Now! And feel the new.
Monday, May 9, 2011

Premier Paso

Yang Tak Terbayangkan, Hemmeds

Hemmeds was born on Januari 24th accidentally by a small thing which was neglected on the floor. Day by day Hemmeds always creates the unique ideas that developed into a reality.

So far, Hemmeds has been running for 4 months and more than 60 products sold by more than 50 different buyers.

Wait are you waiting for ? Let's join HEMMEDS and feel the different right now !

Hemmeds dibuat terinspirasi dari sebuah karya anak negeri yang berlandaskan misi yang baik.
Terimakasih untuk teman-teman yang telah membantu kemajuan Hemmeds; Publikasi, potential buyer, dan yang bantuin finishing katalog : Aul,Khanza,Puto,Jeli,Ajeng,Dela,Syarfin,Vania. Yang bantuin bikin blog: April. And The Superior One: Sarah, Kalo bukan karena puding lo Hemmeds ga bakalan ada.

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