Monday, March 19, 2012

Femme Quatre

hemmeds proudly presentsFor Rizka in Bekasi.

Femme Quatre--4 Rings

Cake on the Plate--ring  


Triple Macaroons--ring


Hi dear. Finally I've finished this order huh. At first I was doubt whether I can make it or not; considering I just coming back home after 5 days stayed in the hospital. But, I won't let my customer down, so I make it hurry. And, It appears to be cheerful :D

Then, Why I Called This " Femme Quatre " ?

i dont know.
it comes once in the blue moon.
the means is there are 4 rings that giving girly impression but they are still keep their dignity on that haha i dont know what the maksud actually.

So, for RIZKA in BEKASI: Just enjoy it! Thanks :))))


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