Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Neverending matters

hemmeds proudly presents

A couple week fully of grief at all

why? why ask why better yet why not.
you areeeeeeeee  hah! neverending matters.
I Hate Copycat, Ive told you before, huh? ive told you ya! in front of your head, your face hoah what the really darn hell is going on??
'Traitor' . Is there any notorious nicks for you? Should I call you what? anything else? anything? DAMN!
cant control my bad temper *sigh
why? but my question is why its happen again?
dont you feel enough?
I Hate magical things! I hate your empower of act!
hoafh. Gru, I cant imagine what it could be, it could be an understruck project. Aye, ai it doesnt mean a sense. nonsense. wish youwere me! what I HAVE NO IDEA ABOUT ANOTHER WORD,

no hope

bener-bener gatau mau berkata apa dan berbuat apa. hopeless. this world is getting feg and fug everyday. but, do you know something? ive tried to make me always smile everytime although this condition has made me grunch everyday.

yeah, lets adjourn!
Sunday, October 2, 2011

Faber-castell, IKJ, and I

hemmeds proudly presents
Guys, wanna share something with you.
That was an ingorgeous night. 
I was cry myself to sleep. 
Thinking why does this happened to me? Why does every moment have to be so hard?
But its not over last night, of course.
I woke up very early this morning and got ready to face my Sunday with the happiness.
Its all about Faber-castell, IKJ, and I.
I joined the Illustration Competition which held by Faber-castell; I wonder if you don't know it hellooo even that brand in its 250years anniversary now! wow! Gee, I mean it held in IKJ; The amazing art campus in Jakarta. And, what about "I" ? Haha, I assure you know who's the subject here, right? 
OK, here's my innocent illustration :
Jakarta 2025
simple. no color. worst.
I made it concept for 3 days while I must make it real in 3 hours!!
Really emm seems like the asal-asalan drawing ever.

 (To be continued)
Feels sleepy and tomorrow is monday whoa.

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