Saturday, December 10, 2011

Hemmeds not die, we're just vacuum !

hemmeds proudly presents  The Life before Life
As the way I see it, me; not girl not woman yet. I'm still dedicated to the educational life and its life was awesome, for somebody , not me. I'm thunderstruck with the optional A B C D E in my papers and I felt like OH MY NO I SCREWED !! it doesn't mean I cant but my "neat" involved dangerously here. Ya u rite, I'm a kinda sloppy person. SLOPPY JOPPY. ouwuhuh someday I'll make something with the name of it lol.

(it's not chattering in the Sunday morning, dont judge me!)

All I want now,
I just want to say,
Hereby I declare,
By the name of HMDS and I,

ya! We're on our happy holiday with the abundant of duties and plenty of papers. Again and again.
SO sorry, too much sorry, for my seekers and lovers. Haha I'm not serious guys. for who thinks "Is this shop out of date?" "Or it had a downsize?" "Whether the papers supply has run out?" NO NO NO!
especially for the last one, it's mayor impossible. absolutely out of topic.

In brief, Although my dad never concerned about my art dreams, he just want I'll be a doctor. I dont know. I never know what will future brings for me. All I know Allah and the guardian angles brought me to the right place, the right family, the right circumstances, I just GLAD :)

and hopefully Hemmeds will always create handmade things.  

Hey! hey! hey! talking about dad I remembered EB! EB is Easter Bunny in HOP,
have you seen the movie? the movie is nice, and here is the footage:

EB is a rabbit that should be an Easter bunny but he denied it. He wants to follow his dream becomes the drummer. But his dad doesn't allow him. HIGH-FIVE EB!

At least this is the scenario:

His dad : EB, why dont you practice for the rehearsal?
EB        : Ehmm.. Dad, about it.. --- Dad, maybe you want me to be this (an egg), but maybe I'm this!
His dad : A sock?
EB        : Yeah! a magical sock!
            Maybe I'm not a perfect Easter bunny, but maybe I'm the best sock ever!
His dad : (whtvr)


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