Monday, June 13, 2011

(wrong) underestimate

hemmeds proudly presents the story-you may judge by yourself-

 (when she saw my Twister tie ring)
A: hmm ya you're really creative but wakakak what the 'lucu aja' the ring it is!
B: It's Twister Tie Ring. Made by self.
A: (with the unappreciated face) ooh, hmm..
B: -,-

a week later.. (when she saw my Ethnicial lego ring)
A: Oh my good! What the funny-unique-ring it is! I'd never seen it before! Where'd you buy it?
B: It's hemmeds. Not for sale!
A: (with the eager face) oohh, huuuuummm......
B: ~(*v*)~

Ethnicial lego ring
Go Hemmeds Go !


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