Saturday, June 11, 2011

Cover up

hemmeds proudly presents Hemmeds' graphy (?) I'm not too much freak with photography. It's really inconvenient when you have to bring your camera everywhere, right? I wish my eyes could take a picture immediately when I see the awesome things. Hope Hemmeds will create it someday, :)
These are unpredicted ones (some look usual, but for me it's not plain) ;
little girl-foot step

Was willing to capture the sunlight, instead of this

I also love The Bubbles! really love it. They could be anything; like human's feeling. yeah..

you can see me?
electrical bubbles

and this one, I took it last new year on the top of my roof


ps! talking about fireworks, I remembering katy perry's song. It lyric so impressed me. You right,pal. sometimes we need to explore our selves without fear of being ridiculed. it is our right. leave the other people say. remember this legendary words 'Be your self' , although it's really platitude but it's still keep his dignity. Trust me! ;0


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