Saturday, April 7, 2012

IX for Disa

hemmeds proudly presents


So, why?

That is my friend. Named Disa. She's creative, unpredictable, and freaking awesome with drawing. Amazing! U knw wht the most amazing is? SHE ORDERED HEMMEDS :):):):):):) wkwk. Here's the things:


and the second handmade

She really likes number 9 or IX, don't ask me why. It's about her personality, maybe. She asked me to make a ring with IX shape. Then so I made it.

At first I made IX-ring with the medium size and shiny colors. But she thought it wasn't her. So she asked me to make it again with the smaller size and red color. "why not", said me.

Constraints make a way ; She likes it! :D
Even she paid me double for the first ring and the second one :p

Thanks, Disa ! Enjoy your IX !!


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